Exite X14a - What HI-FI

"They’re snappy and swift too – fleeting through songs with rhythmic precision and explicit timing – but they exercise control at every turn."


And you can read the full review of the Excite X14A here. If you out for more information about the Excite X14A click here.  

The Excite X14A. The active sibling of the X14. Indicated by something as small as an A. But, the A might be small, but the are implications big as it integrates powerful digital amplifiers and advanced digital sound processing.

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The English Hi-Fi magazine, WHAT HI-FI, have auditioned the X14A and described it as Clean and controlled, wonderfully transparent, tight and agile bass and, insightful vocals.

In a thoroughly positively worded review, WHAT HI-FI praises the X14A and writes:

“They knuckle down on the imposing galactic-sounding organs, which sound textured and solid, and the poignant ringing sounds that pepper the instrumental chime with a likeable sweetness that bleeds into the midrange”.

Read more: The full Excite X14A review in WHAT HI-FI

We are always happy to read reviews that discuss our products in such positive phrases, so we will of course encourage you to read it for yourself – you can find the link just above this sentence.