Excite X14A - Audiostream

We are back with a new review. This time for the Excite X14A.

Our new review is from Audiostream. They have had their hands on the X14A and produced this lovely piece of review.

"When I first connected the Dynaudio X14A's to the Mytek DAC and hit Play on Audirvana, I laughed out loud. The sound of Bjork's voice from her most recent album Vulnicura was resplendent. Clear, present, rich, and beautifully solid. The Excite X14A's delivered Bjork in all her power and glory right there in my ears, in my head. Lovely. Just plain lovely."




"If you spend real time at your desk and you enjoy listening to music, lots of music, and you value the quality of its reproduction, the Dynaudio X14A's deliver as much of everything as I've heard from an active speaker. Bravo! (and I do not want to see them go...)"

As always, we are glad to receive great reviews for our products, and do go read the full-length audiostream X14A review here