Focus 10 - Addicted To Audio

Addicted to Audio's Matty Graham took Focus 10 for a spin, giving it a glowing review, the entirety of which you can read via the Source button below.

"The Dynaudio Focus 10 isn’t merely a convenient lifestyle-oriented product - far from it. It’s a bona fide, grown-up audiophile solution for those who have wholeheartedly embraced streaming as the preeminent way to enjoy glorious high-definition music. And if you haven’t quite yet, the Focus 10 will also happily play with your existing sources as well. The kicker for me is the fact that all these talents and absolutely terrific sound have been wrapped-up in one impossibly compact package. I can’t stress enough how much the Focus 10s bat above their 7.5kg weight. But I can promise you that it will feel amazing to “let go” of all your other equipment, and replace all that space with stupidly good-sounding music - the Focus 10 is very easy to fall in love with on many levels."