Focus 10 -

Focus 10 impresses reviewer Max Delissen from, who happily concludes: "If I ever hang up my quill, chances are I will order an active wireless streaming speaker system for my daily music consumption. The Dynaudio Focus 10 – or in due course its successor – would be very high on my shortlist."

"The Dynaudio Focus 10s are big sounding small speakers. The reproduction is neutral with a slight tendency towards the warm, dynamic and transparent. Good for hours of carefree listening pleasure. The speakers are equipped with virtually all conveniences that the quality- and design sensitive audiophile could wish for."

"During the time the Focus 10s were in my listening room they functioned flawlessly and sounded phenomenal. Partly due to the use of DSP, the musical performance was more or less the same at any volume. In particular, the full and open sound at low volumes stood out."

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