Focus 10 - Stereophile

Writing for Stereophile, Jason Victor Serinus tried a pair of Focus 10 on for size and was suitably impressed. You can read his full review via the Source button below.

"Designed as a "complete wireless sound system," the Dynaudio Focus 10 active monitors are the most musically satisfying one-stop playback solution I've had the pleasure of hanging with. Thanks to their wireless options, built-in upsampling DAC, multiple streaming options, DSP, and optional Dirac room correction (which I didn't try), all you need supply is a Wi-Fi signal, a streaming subscription, a smartphone or tablet for control, and a little time to fine-tune everything. If you already have Roon, you're ready to go; you can even skip Roon and stick with Tidal Connect. The Focus 10s are easy to set up and optimize, and they deliver all they promise. (...) the Focus 10 is one of the most musically satisfying active loudspeakers I've had the pleasure to audition. Highly recommended."