Focus 10 - The Audiophile Apartment - 2024 Product of the Year

Our Focus 10 wireless speakers has received a 2024 Product of the Year Award from The Audiophile Apartment (part of TONE AUDIO) and we couldn't be more honoured.

They of course had some very nice things to say in connection with the award, which you can read below or via the Source button below.

“The Dynaudios are the most expensive thing on our list, but they also offer the highest performance. We’ve used several Dynaudio speakers over the years, and our publisher currently uses a pair of (wired) Dynaudio Confidence 20s as one of his reference speakers. Dynaudio’s last set of Focus speakers were very good, but the new Focus series is amazing. These are the first wireless speakers we’ve used that don’t sound like “wireless” speakers.

"Needless to say, these small Danish marvels provide room-filling sound, even in a substantial room. You’ll be able to take these babies out to the burbs when you move out of an apartment.”