Focus 200 XD - Mono & Stereo

Focus 200 XD review in Mono & Stereo.
“But please don’t just take our word for it, go out and have a listen to these beauties for yourself. We think you´ll fall in love too.”

“This is an active speaker, so all your precious pre and power amps and cabling can be put aside, because everything is already build into the XD’s itself. The only thing to get them playing music is a source, i.e. your CD player or a streaming device. “Your source of choice is your weapon of choice” as Grace Jones sang years ago - if I remember the lyrics right.”

“The Dynaudio´s puts the sound exactly where I want it, in the room and in front of me.”

“… the designers must have been shouting, dancing and celebrating and having a blast in the small township of Skanderborg in Denmark.”


“So what are the downside of this speakers, you may ask. And yes I am still looking for just ONE single small detail that I don´t like, even after an intensive use for more than 3 months with these speakers.”

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