Focus 50 - Twittering Machines

Michael Lavorgna of Twittering Machines shares his thoughts on Focus 50, summing up the series' unique selling point better than we could ever hope to along the way: "Two speakers + two power cords = endless music on tap that sounds as good, or better, than separates. That’s what the Dynaudio Focus 50 have to offer."

You can enjoy some more of Michael's thoughts here and read all of his findings via the Source button below.

"(...) within a few minutes of listening you’ll be smiling and streaming your favorite tunes, head shaking in near disbelief that all of this goodness is coming out of a pair of active speakers with a DAC inside."

"A complete stereo comprised of nothing more than a pair of handsome floorstanding speakers that can access the endless stream of music available from Tidal, Qobuz, local files and more and turn it into a captivating and rewarding musical experience on par with separates that could cost you a heck of lot more."

"If you’ve been waiting for the sound quality of active wireless speakers to catch up to separates, that time has come with the Dynaudio Focus 50. Highly recommended for those seeking more from less."