Rhapsody in Bluetooth

"The new Xeo 2 has arrived and looks to be every inch the kind of do-anything, put-anywhere wireless speaker that shows what could, should and will be," Hi-Fi Choice.



In their Xeo 2 review, Hi-Fi Choice praise our compact wireless Xeo 2 speaker and emphasize that less discriminating sound is no longer obligatory – with the Xeo 2, wireless speakers have finally come of age:

“Remember to tense your jaw muscles if you decide to audition the Xeo 2 because if you don’t when you hear it for the first time, a bug might fly into your open mouth. That good? Yeah, that good.

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“With the Xeo 2, Dynaudio has raised the bar for compact wireless speaker system to a level that would barely have seemed possible a year or so ago. Its Bluetooth performance is outstanding, but best of all it allows anyone for a reasonable outlay to enjoy sound quality that was once the preserve of audiophiles. High fidelity is the winner,” Hi-Fi Choice.

You can download Hi-Fi Choice’s full Xeo 2 review right here, with a more in-depth examination of the Xeo 2 and its features – and two quick questions Hi-Fi Choice had for our own Roland Hoffmann. You can also read more about the Xeo 2 here: Xeo 2 - our smallest active loudspeaker.