Music series on took a look at Music 3 and Music 5. We've translated our favourite quotes from the review. Click the Source button below to read the entire review (auf Deutsch or via your brower's translation tool).

  • “With the Music models, Dynaudio shows what today’s intelligent technology is capable of.”
  • “The know-how from the Danish loudspeaker manufacturer is obvious and allows both Music 3 and Music 5 a very balanced sound reproduction.”
  • “The bass from the Music 5 was even more hearty and thanks to more power there was also more punch compared with the Music 3, which still had a rich bass.”
  • “Overall Dynaudio Music clearly shows what is possible today with active loudspeakers. Completed with a wonderful room correction and including high-quality drive units with lots of headroom these Dynaudio smart speakers always made a great sound performance.

  • “On top of it there’s the interesting Music Now feature which makes the Music series one of the best plug-and-play systems; good music is really just a press of a button away.”

  • “The fabric cloth covers are of very high quality, and also the overall finish is excellent. The angled shape is quite attractive and also benefits the sound radiation.”

  • If you’re interested in the full 6-page review, you can purchase the original German version at HiFi einsnull website.