Special Forty - hifi&records

The German magazine hifi&records has reviewed the Special Forty anniversary speakers and found them worthy of the magazine’s front page. And with it’s easy to understand when you consider how well the speakers were received: "The Special Forty is one of the very best compact speakers in the company’s forty years history." You can find our favourite quotes below – and don’t worry we’ve translated them to English.

“The tonal balance of the Special Forty is near perfect, the imaging and the freedom from the speaker itself is first-class, and reproducing the midrange is simply wonderful.”

“Just compare a female voice, either alto or soprano, because here the Special Forty can outshine other speakers costing ten times and even more. Hard to believe? But true.“ 

“Even compared to the Special Twenty-Five the Special Forty could win some favours. Less prominent, maybe not as open, but smoother, rounder and very colorful it aimed straight at your heart. This is the loudspeaker for listening with pleasure, for stress-free listening to music.” 

“To a degree that even hit the Contour 20. A really good loudspeaker which never puts a foot wrong and sounds evenly balanced. But the charm of a special Forty, the flair, that was something the rather distant Contour 20 couldn’t reach. The Special Forty has more personality – it’s simply more Dynaudio.”

“It’s a gift that Dynaudio remains true to itself and decided to make a rather affordable anniversary model; bringing finest technology in an attractive package. The Special Forty is one of the very best compact speakers in the company’s forty years history. It incarnates and conveys what Dynaudio stands for. Chapeau, and happy birthday.”

You can find the full Dynaudio Special Forty review in hifi & records in English here.