Interface reviews Core 7

Interface Magazine puts Core 7 to the test

Interface is a Dutch publication, but we have translated the highlights. In case you're fluent in Dutch, you can follow the below Source link to read the full review.  

"The Core 7 is a true near-field monitor and immediately performed optimally on the meter bridge from my mixing console. A strong feature of the Core 7 it is controlled and beautifully dimensioned layer. Also, the precision in the mids and highs really stand out. Dynaudio has a good reputation for transparency and that is no different with the Core series.

The speakers are powered by high-performance class D amp modules from another Denmark-based audio company, Pascal, a specialist in Class D amplification

Dynaudio monitors are known for their neutrality and precision, and that's no different with the new Core series. Notable strengths include great control in the lows and a dry character of that low-end. Along with the precision in the mids and highs, you really have a great audio tool that you can work with for hours. If a mix still doesn't sound amazing by the end of the day, working with with Core 7, that's not to blame on the monitor, but you have to find the cause by really start looking into your mix."

(Marnix Bosman, Interface Magazine)