LYD 5 & 8 - MusicTech

MusicTech put LYD 5 and LYD 8 on the review test bench and receives a 9/10 rating, earning a genuine MusicTech 'Choice' recommendation.

For this review, MusicTech decided to go for the smallest and largest members of our LYD family of personal reference monitors. The rating almost speaks for itself, but to sum up briefly, they sure liked what they heard.

Unsurprisingly, one of the points to be made was that the LYD8 model digs a little deeper into the sonic spectrum, but on the other hand, the reviewer also points out that the LYD5 delivers a very accurate sound image at a very low volume, which is exactly one of the goals we had for the LYD monitors. To allow you to mix late at night and still get reliable mix results that you don't have to redo the next day when you get a chance to listen at 'normal' listening level.

"Both have an exceptional degree of clarity across these ranges with pinpoint detail on the soundstage – in fact, I couldn’t fault them – with the 8s providing just that extra bit of boom down under. (...) These are great-sounding speakers – I was very impressed with what I heard on mixes from similar priced and more expensive monitors and could make all sorts of improvements, and at lower levels."

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