Music 7 - SoundStage!

How does the Music 7 stack up with its competition? That's what Soundstage! Simplify reviewer, Al Griffin, asked himself before he received a test sample of the new Music 7 Wi-Fi speakers. As it turns out, pretty well. Below you'll find our favourite quotes from Soundstage! Simplifi's review of our Dynaudio Music 7 Wi-fi speaker.

"I then watched the new 4K Blu-ray edition of The Matrix. Keanu Reeves’s mannered, deep-sounding dialogue came through in all its full-throated glory."

"The Music 7’s wide shape also allowed it to deliver an impressive stereo soundstage."

"With “Produk 29,” from Aphex Twin’s Syro (16/44.1 FLAC, Warp/Tidal), which has driven several all-in-one speakers I’ve tested into overload and distortion, the Music 7 deftly handled this torture track’s aggressive bass line and beats."

"The Dynaudio Music 7’s angled, furniture-like look might not suit everyone’s taste, but it’s hard to overlook its sound quality. This is among the best, if not the best, all-in-one Wi-Fi speakers I’ve tested, with a detailed, effortless, natural sound that goes far beyond the boundaries of its single cabinet to create a convincing stereo soundstage with music. That it also sounds great with film soundtracks is another justification of its somewhat high price for a Wi-Fi speaker. But the Music 7 is no ordinary Wi-Fi speaker, and in this case that’s a very good thing."

Finally, the Music 7 received a SoundStage! Simplifi 'Reviewer's Choice' award. If you want more, you can click here to read the entire Soundstage! Simplifi Dynaudio Music 7 review.