Evoke 10 - Music Emotion

The Dutch hi-fi magazine Music Emotion reviews the Dynaudio Evoke 10 in its 2019 February edition; the reviewer finding himself with a grin on his face, goose-bumps and a new reference in the category. You can find selected quotes from Werner Ero's Music Emotion review here.

"They have certainly done it this time at Dynaudio! This is my most immediate in-depth review ever, which has much to do with the fact that I am almost quivering with excitement to tell the Evoke story!"

"Even with cold ‘factory fresh’ loudspeakers, the first impression is quite remarkable. A presentation that's not only - as is usual with Dynaudio - much wider than the physical room they are in, but also wonderfully deep and completely free from the loudspeakers."

"Once properly run-in there's an impressive impact that surprises you coming from such a small loudspeaker. The bass reaches remarkably deep, it is tight and has the physical impact of a floor standing loudspeaker without losing definition! Mids and highs are smooth and informative. Regardless of volume, there is no detectable distortion or compression."

"I take a deep bow to Dynaudio, who have managed to make the new Evoke 10 the ultimate reference in this price category!"

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