MusicTech Magazine reviews Core 7

MusicTech Magazine's John Andrews put Core 7 to the test...

"I’m soon hearing parts of my well-known tracks that I expect to with more expensive monitors: those sheens and shimmers, the reverb tails, guitar picks and more defined basses that often go missing-in-action on cheaper monitors.

(...) Perhaps naively I’m expecting a lack of mid-range action from the 7s because they are 2-way compared to my 3-way references, but they’re having none of it. This is, of course, down to the mid/woofer, a Magnesium Silicate Polymer driver which Dynaudio has designed with, it says, “advanced magnet designs to produce drivers capable of the kind of accuracy and honesty you’d never thought possible”. And I’m not arguing as they seem to reach across the mids and low end with ease. I wouldn’t consider that the 7s even need any additional subwoofer as with the maximum Bass Extension engaged, they seem to handle – and more importantly control – the bass at all volume levels."

"(...) Expensive monitors give you accuracy – that is what you are essentially paying for, although we are increasingly seeing much cheaper monitors delivering great results in this regard. As with the 59s in the last issue, the Core 7s offer both this accuracy plus an enormous flexibility in where they are placed and how you use them.

These are great for mixing and mastering with an extraordinary detail where you can dig deep into your mixes and make precise edits and tweaks to perfect them. You can only make these detailed edits if you can hear the anomalies and frequency colourations in the first place."

(John Andrews, MusicTech Magazine)