Contour 20 - Lyd og Bilde

The Norwegian Hi-Fi magazine, Lyd og Bilde, call the new Contour 20 for a "heavenly reference loudspeaker" in their recently published review. Below, you'll find translated quotes from this wonderful review.

- Sometimes everything comes together so well that high praise is well deserved. This is true of the new Dynaudio Contour loudspeakers.

- If you’re looking for a pair of fine loudspeakers that won’t dominate your room, but will look attractive alongside your furniture, Dynaudio Contour 20 is the perfect choice. They open the door to true high end at a size and price that won’t give you a heart attack. They appeal equally to heart and mind and deliver the music on a silver platter. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that they are the reference among compact speakers below 75,000 Norwegian kr. (8,250 Euros).

- The enclosure disappears in mid-air in front of you and you are in the presence of music that floats like a pulsating 3D image in Augmented Reality with sound so free from accentuation and colouration that it feels frightening.

- A simple recording of voice and guitar can sound sublime. Better recordings such as Radka Toneff’s remastered Fairy Tales elevate the experience from sublime to divine.

- The Dynaudio’s are definitely the most tonally neutral compact loudspeaker that I have heard.

- it kicks with a powerful deep bass way beyond its size that almost breaks the laws of physics.

- For digging deeper through the many layers of the soundstage, classical music hits the bullseye. You also hear why the Esotar tweeter is acknowledged as one of the best available. Strings and voices, for example, in opera sound divine.

- Is there anything to criticise? Not as far as I can hear.

This review was originally published by the Norwegian Lyd og Bilde, and with their permission, we have translated the enitre review for you to enjoy - click below to read it. Do you prefer to read the original Norwegian review? No problem, click here to read it on Lyd og Bilde.