Pro Tools Expert reviews Core 47

Pro Tools Expert's Julian Rodgers wraps up his round of Core series tests with Core 47's in his studio.

"I have a few challenges facing me when writing about the Dynaudio Core 47s. The first is going to be avoiding starting every paragraph with “As I said in my article about the Core 59s and Core 7s”. There is a lot of common ground here and the differences still relate to the other members of the Core series.

The other thing I’m going to struggle avoiding saying is words like “open”, “powerful” or “transparent” because that I where I keep going when trying to communicate anything meaningful about these fantastic little three-way monitors."

(...) The box itself is roughly the same size as the Core 7, being slightly wider, slightly less deep but packing in three drivers it leaves me with an impression of extreme compactness and this combination of relatively small size (390 mm, 355 mm, 240 mm W x D x H), solidity and industrial levels of power, the Core 47 contains two 500W and one 150W Pascal class D amplifiers for a total of 1150W per speaker, makes it unsurprising that the unofficial name for the Core 47 during its development was the Bulldog.

(...) Would I buy some Cores? Absolutely. They are a welcome reminder that a ported 2-way monitor can be very good indeed and that it can be further improved by the addition of a third driver. They sound tight, transparent and controlled with fantastic imaging and a really impressive resolution of low-level detail."

(Julian Rodgers, Pro Tools Expert)

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