Pro Tools Expert reviews Core 59

Pro Tools Expert's Julian Rodgers hook up Core 59 for a critical listening and mixing session.

"Effortless bass which is perfectly in proportion and as tight and dry as a sealed box with no smeared timing I was aware of. The midrange driver caters for a large portion of the spectrum and this results in added smoothness. One of my favourite tracks for assessing the midrange performance of a speaker is No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age. This track is all about midrange and the snare and guitar fall together on the backbeat with the snare occupying the top end of the midrange and the darker guitar filling out the bottom. Which instrument draws the attention and dominates beats two and four tells you a great deal about how a particular speaker handles the critical midrange. The Core 59 handles things beautifully with neither sticking out, just as it should be. The top end performance is every bit as sweet as the Core 7, it is the same tweeter after all, but the presentation doesn’t draw attention to itself, however favourable that attention was in the Core 7, because of the quality of the midrange it sits above."

"In this next generation of professional monitors from Dynaudio, they have designed these speakers with the majority of end-users in mind in that they have deployed sophisticated DSP and presented it via the simplest of user interfaces - a small number of switches on the back. Designing a DSP system to bring the greatest benefit across the entire user base, because everyone actually uses it, shows the clarity of vision behind this design and I find it refreshing."

"I would, and did mix on these, finding them extremely easy to get on with.""

"The Core 59 are very, very nice speakers which are easy to live with, easy to mix on and sound wonderful. They ooze quality and their use of tech is comprehensive but discreet."

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