Xeo 2 - Sound + Image

When introduced in November 2015, the Xeo 2 became our smallest, active loudspeaker.




Since its introduction, it has heaped praise and in early 2016 it was named 'Best of CES 2016' by Sound Stage HiFi's Doug Schneider. 

But, that has not stopped reviews from being written - fortunately -, and this time, it is the Australian Hi-Fi magazine Sound + Image who have had their hands, and ears, on the Xeo 2. 




From their first listen, they were thrilled with the Xeo 2's realistic delivery of both music and voices: 

"We began with an episode of Rockwis from the TV via optical, and the Xeo 2 immediately thrilled us with a tight, extended, realistic delivery of both music and voices," Sound + Image

When Sound + Image moved to CD and Bluetooth, they were equally impressed with the Xeo 2's capabilities and highlighted its bass: 

"Bass performance was impressive from speakers so compact - massively delivered..." Sound + Image

Read the full Xeo 2 review - 'From little things' by Jez Ford

We are just as thrilled with this review, as Sound + Image was with the Xeo 2, and encourage you to read the full review or share it with someone considering a new pair of speakers in the near future. If you curious for more, please read our article - 'The Xeo 2: our smallest active loudspeaker'.