Evoke 50 - LowBeats

Evoke 50 has once again left some seriously good first impression. The German magazine LowBeats publishes a brand-new review that covers everything from design, speaker placement, driver technology to frequency tests and listening experience. Their highlights are the subtle cabinet design and the overall outstanding driver technology, especially the Cerotar tweeter and bass performance.

Knowing and testing Dynaudio for over 40 years might have given them some sort of premonition, but we’re proud about still being able to surprise you, LowBeats.

Find the full review in German here.
(Especially, if you’re looking for some amplifier advice, this might be worth a read.)

"The Evoke 50 is over 1.15 meters tall, but it just does not stand out. I think that's nice. And as always with Dynaudio, the quality of the cabinet is way above average. The veneer shows no weakness, neither do the lacquers."
"The IM spectrum measurements show the Evoke 50’s excellent distortion behavior – there is none. Not surprising that the classy floorstand speaker sounds so fine and clear. With Evoke 50 you can achieve levels up to 115 decibels - without the fear of any damage. This is where the extensive driver research and the great experience of Dynaudio engineers are reflected."
"With the first few notes it already became clear that this loudspeaker has a very rich bass foundation. With electronic music, like Felix Laband or Yello, they pressed the beats into the listening room so strongly, that we looked at each other puzzled: Is this really a Dynaudio? Well, it’s a Dynaudio, but it’s the Evoke 50. "

"... the very rich bass of the Evoke 50 is not one of those exaggerated grumbling basses that you hear quite often on cheap models. The bass of the Evoke 50 has a high precision despite its fullness and blackness. Anyone listening to the bass drum beats of James Blood Ulmer's "Crying" on the Dynaudio will truly enjoy it."

"Outstanding fine and warm sound, very good imaging."