I Hear Things in My Mixes I Never Heard Before

"First off, they are amazing! The first big difference I noticed was the bass frequencies."

Robert Costa won a pair of LYD 7 studio monitors in our monthly giveaway for newsletter subscribers (if you are not already a subscriber, now is the time to sign up!) 

And he decided to do a video review on them! In fact it's a combined unboxing and review video, but let's focus on Robert's impression of the LYD 7 after giving them a thorough test in his home studio.

"First off, they are amazing! The first big difference I noticed was the bass frequencies. Placing monitors close to a wall is not ideal, but sometimes when you're working in a small room, it's the only thing you can do. Well they (Dynaudio, ed.) counteracted this with a dip switch that helps with those bass frequencies, so I engaged that. And I have just never heard bass frequencies sound so tight in this room. It's impressive.

The second thing I did was pulling up a mix that I had done and was really proud of, and immediately I started hearing things already in the initial mix that was done on my old monitors that I really didn't like. (...) These monitors are very, very revealing.

I also pulled up some mixes from bands that I really, really like. And I'd hear things in the tracks that I'd never heard before. (...) It was very interesting to hear some songs that are professionally mastered, and that I've heard a dozen times before, through these monitors. They are just incredible!"

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