Sound On Sound checked out our BM Compact MkIII

Sound On Sound, one of the leading recording technology magazines, has had its hands on our BM Compact MkIII and BM9S II in a 2.1 speaker system. Here, you can read some of our favorite passages and find the original review.

The BM Compact MkIII receives praising words from Sound On Sound who highlight its impressive lows, its Dynaudio heritage, and its ability to expose flaws in poor mixes:

"Firstly then, even used on their own the BM Compact MkIIIs still manage to deliver an impressive amount of low end given their size, as long as you don’t need very high volumes."




"Overall, the sound has the expected Dynaudio attributes, which means it comes over as well balanced, with crisp and open-sounding highs that do not at all sound harsh. There’s also a creditable sense of front-to-back perspective in the sound, especially considering that these are not esoterically priced speakers. Importantly, the speakers are able to expose the flaws in poor mixes as well as sounding good on high-quality material. Voices come over as sounding extremely natural, which is always the hallmark of a good speaker."




The BM9S II Sub is commended for its impressive performance even though its small size:

"Add the sub and the lows become deep and visceral, far belying the small size of the sub. Taking the low-end load off the main speakers also means you can work at an even higher SPL without the speakers sounding strained, though to be fair they can go pretty loud anyway before they start to sweat. Fortunately, the lows always manage to stay adequately tight-sounding, as the use of a sealed subwoofer cabinet helps reduce overhang."

We are - as always - overjoyed to read reviews that praise our products and will do our best to find and share as many reviews with you as possible. If you are in the market for new studio monitors, we recommend that you also read our "Choosing by ear" article written by Paul Mac. 

You can read the BM Compact MkIII and BM9S II review in its full length here or read more about the BM Compact MkIII here