Contour 60 - SoundStage!

Read our favourite quotes from SoundStage! Ultra's Contour 60 review written by Jeff Fritz and find a link to the original review below.

“Dynaudio has delivered a terrific value in the Contour 60.”

“The Contour 60 is a big speaker that sounds like a big speaker that costs a lot more. It can produce deep, powerful bass; it has a clear, essentially neutral midrange; and it has a revealing tweeter that never sounds harsh. Know that your great recordings will sound great, your lesser recordings not so bad, and your level of enjoyment will be high, no matter what music you play through these speakers.”

“In addition to the great sound, in the Contour 60 you’ll also get a speaker that’s built extremely well and has some upscale features, like that aluminum baffle, that many speakers costing much more wear proudly. The finish options are diverse and, from what I’ve seen finely executed.”

“…there’s really no going wrong with the Dynaudio Contour 60. It’s one of the best ways to spend ten grand in the high end that I’ve seen in my many years of reviewing.”

But wait, there's more. In December 2016, Stereo also reviewed the Contour 60s and were thrilled with their performance.