Streamlining the hi-fi experience

Simplifi - a SoundStage! Network partner - has reviewed the fully active, fully digital Focus 20 XD standmounters. It's safe to say they were happy with what they heard; giving them a Reviewer's Choice recommendation along with many praising words.

“Dynaudio’s Focus 20 XD active speakers streamline the hi-fi listening experience, and do so without imposing limits on sound quality. I was struck by their smooth, refined sound, and their ability to reproduce all manner of music, from raucous rock to delicate impressionist nocturnes, with the same levels of detail and dynamic ease.“At a starting price of $5999/pair, you’re also paying for technology and style, and the Dynaudios deliver those as well. Paired with the company’s Connect box, the Focus 20 XDs offered seamless, glitch-free sound -- I often forgot I was listening to wireless speakers. … the Focus 20 XDs provide a clear demonstration of why Dynaudio is a leader in the category.

But these are only excerpts from a stunning review. We strongly encourage you to read the full review. 

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