Special Forty - Darko Audio

The Special Forty anniversary speaker impresses Darko for their sound and appearance in his review titled: "Beautiful furniture that sings: Dynaudio’s Special Forty." We have selected our favourite quotes from the well-written review below.

"The Special Forty’s 2.8cm soft dome tweeter, exclusive to this model, is a fresh take on the company’s Esotar design whose presentation I hear as beautifully extended and chocolate mousse smooth. That B-word isn’t a case of lazy reviewer’s choice. I mean it: the Special Forty really do make music sound quite beautiful."

"Those seeking a seductive-sounding standmount could probably stop reading right here and seek out their nearest Dynaudio dealer (of which there are many worldwide) for an audition."

"When a loudspeaker looks this good, the traditional review text structure must surrender to one where coverage of appearance and sound quality enjoy equal billing."

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dynaudio-special-40-lifestyle-grey-birch-01-1 dynaudio-special-40-lifestyle-grey-birch-02-2