Dynaudio Special Forty - hi-fi+ - Editor's Choice Award 2024

The UK’s hi-fi+ rather fittingly featured our 40th anniversary speaker in its 25th anniversary edition. Special Forty appeared in its Editor’s Choice Awards 2024, and much celebrating was done all around.

A summary of their praise can be enjoyed below or in full via the Source button.

"The care that Dynaudio has lavished on the Special Forty is abundantly clear once you begin listening to them. When Chris Martens tested  them, he felt they produced sounds that were improbably large for such a compact cabinet and they managed to deliver a performance that is entirely unconstrained. Everything you play on them revels in a natural feeling of scale and palpable presence that has you asking why you would want to spend more on speakers than this. Dynaudio’s present to itself turns out to be something of a gift to us all, as this initially limited-run loudspeaker just keeps going!"

Dynaudio Special Forty_Ebony_Wave_03-1