Xeo 30 - Stereoplay

The German hi-fi magazine Stereoplay puts the digital wireless Dynaudio Xeo 30 loudspeakers through the paces in its latest issue, resulting in a Stereoplay Highlight award. Below we have collected our favourite quotes from the excellent review.

"This is modern hi-fi technology at its best!"
"Traditional box speakers or modern hi-fi technology? Not many manufacturers manage this balancing act as well as Dynaudio does."
"The sound energy this rather slim floorstand speaker was capable of was really surprising. While the electronic limiter held the speaker in its comfort zone, the Xeo 30 still performed dynamic pop music so confident that one was imagining a much larger speaker."
"…a spotless performance which we found really hard to stop listening to."
"Extremely stable imaging and unbelievably persuasive room staging."

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