Professional Sound for Everyonestudio

“With the LYD 5 Dynaudio has clearly set an example, that a professional, transparent sounding studio monitor can be affordable for everyone.”

- Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin

Studio Magazin is one of the most prestigious pro audio publications in Germany, and it has been so for many years. On board from the beginning - and the face of the magazine - is Editor in Chief, Fritz Fey, who sometimes picks a few products to review personally.

We were pleased that he chose LYD 5 for a thorough round of critical listening and evaluation. And we were even more pleased when we learned what he concluded upon his test...​

The original review is in German, but we have translated a short passage from the conclusion:

"With LYD 5, Dynaudio has set a clear example that a professional, transparent-sounding studio monitor can be affordable for everyone. For Home studio owners, this could be the perfect entry into the world of decision-safe listening, assuming, of course, that the room-acoustic conditions are right.

In direct comparison with the competition not only in a similar price category, but also over it, the LYD 5 certainly doesn’t have to hide. With powerful, defined depths, clear, non-coloring mids and fast transients, combined with an excellent positional and spatial depth imaging, you get a professional listening tool, which is definitely also a reliable partner in the field for audio professionals - in editing suites or on the go.

However, this monitor is made for those whose budget is not enough to grab the stars, but who still want to hear what it's like. Overall, this Danish-produced speaker is excellent - it is a product to my taste!"