Contour 20 - The EAR

The Contour 20 receives 5 stars in The EAR review. Find our favourite quotes and link to the full review below.

"Lori’s voice is not always easy on the ear and some loudspeakers can’t control it. Not on the Contour 20, which gives her all the freedom she needs, in a pure and natural way not heard on most modern recordings."

"On the Contour 20 you become one with the crowd and I almost join them on the round of applause."

"It’s nice to hear how well the Contour 20 acts when playing large orchestral works with a soprano voice on top. The orchestra never overpowers the singer because the loudspeaker is always able to separate the notes from each other, even in the densest parts music flows with ease into the room."

"It’s firmly recommended, in fact once you discover how neutral and honest it is with your favourite music the Contour 20 might be the last loudspeaker you will ever buy."