The Sydney Morning Herald reviews Dynaudio Special Forty

Rod Easdown reviews the Special Forty speakers for the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald. Find our favourite quotes from the review below and a link to the original review.

Out of the box I noted: "Wonderfully decisive bass with brilliant decay, and beautifully defined high range." 

A week on the Special Forties walked through it and added such intense detail and airiness that I played it twice. Very loud.

These are exhilarating speakers that get you involved and start you on a journey of rediscovering your music.

If you want more from the piece, you can find Rod Easdown's full review of the Special Forty anniversary speakers on The Sydney Morning Herald's website. Just click below to read more.

Alternatively, you can read more about the technologies we poured into the speaker.

dynaudio-special-40-closeup-grey-birch-07   dynaudio-special-40-closeup-grey-birch-09