Xeo 2 - What Hi-Fi?.

5 out of 5 stars

The latest addition to the Xeo 2 review pool comes courtesy of What Hi-Fi? And this isn't the first time What Hi-Fi? has experienced the Xeo series. Previously, the magazine wrote 'so-good-we-can't-believe-its-wireless about the Xeo 4s.

The star of the show isn't the Xeo 4s this time, but it's their younger siblings the Xeo 2s - and the newcomers did wonderfully when put to the test by trained ears: 

You can read What Hi-Fi?’s full xeo 4 review here.

“There, tonality occupies neutral territory and details spread evenly in a soundstage you’d think would belong to boxes twice the size,” What Hi-Fi?.




Traditionally, wireless speakers have been known for their inferior sound reproduction. However, the Xeo 2s don't need to fear this pitfall, as there is no tradeoff between sound quality and convenience: 

“is wireless sound a compromise? Usually yes, although the Dynaudio Xeo 2 speakers sound anything but compromised. The Bluetooth presentation enjoys a clarity and sophistication that masks their wirelessness,” What Hi-Fi?.

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What Hi-Fi? is not the only magazine to praise the Xeo 2 speaker system. No, many others have had their say: Hi-Fi Choice, Audiostream, Digital Audio, and many others. The Xeo 2 speakers even won 'Wireless Active Speaker of the Year 2016/2017' at Plus X Award in Germany. You can find some of the excellent Xeo 2 reviews here.