The Xeo series continues to WOW

5 out of 5 stars

What Hi-Fi? tests the Xeo 4 speaker system and gets blown away about this next-gen model that offer hassle-free set-up plus insightful and musical sound from almost any source.




  • "Jump straight in with a 24-bit/96kHz WAV file of Paul Simon’s Dazzling Blue and the medley of instruments is delivered with precision and insight, each well imaged across a spacious soundstage. The rhythmic pattering of talking drums is spot-on, and well sustained as Simon’s vocals step in."
  • "Woodwinds have a nice breathy texture and soar in the climatic moments. Dynamically agile, they move freely up and down the composition and don’t get flustered during quick tempo changes. It’s this fusion that gives the track a sense of seamless flow."
  • "The Xeo 4s serve up great-quality, convenient, versatile wireless sound"

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