Xeo 6 review - Audiophile Style

“Great sound quality, no cables, no separate digital to analog converter, no separate amplifier(s), and no digital source component within view is enough for me to suggest you “add to cart” given the opportunity.”

“There are so many things right with the design of this system that it’s no wonder the sound quality is so impressive. From the full digital signal path to the loudspeakers to the active design with perfectly matched amplifiers for each of the three drivers in each speaker, the system technically hits many high notes. The Xeo 6 system simply makes sense on several levels and delivers the goods when it comes to sound quality."

“Not only is the Xeo 6 system easy to place in any room because of its design, its design is much preferred by many people in the industry.”

“The Xeo 6 is another true high end wireless audio system from Dynaudio’s much loved Xeo product line."


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