Dynaudio Esotec

The heart of Dynaudio's incredible performance has always been the high quality drivers the company has developed for its audiophile grade loudspeaker products, whether optimized for the Dynaudio Home Systems, Professional or Automotive product ranges. The new Esotec range reflects the technologically advanced driver production that only a specialist manufacturer as dedicated and diverse as Dynaudio would be capable to achieve.

Dynaudio's ongoing research and development projects, which spawned the company's latest professional studio monitors and the advanced premium factory sound systems for the automotive industry, have bleed over into the development of the new Esotec range. Employing new materials and technologies from the Esotec+ driver generation developed for the recent Dynaudio Focus home systems model range brought forth even further sonic improvements to the new Esotec automotive models.

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To accommodate more highly customized multi-driver installations, all Dynaudio Esotec Car loudspeaker drivers are available individually as separate components. The knowledge and experience gained under the constraints in developing the Dynaudio factory premium sound systems has tremendously benefited the evolution of the company's aftermarket sound systems, especially regarding tuning the crossovers and optimizing the drivers' parameters for the demands of a typical in-car installation.

The primary objective in the development of the Dynaudio Esotec Automotive loudspeaker line was to combine the qualitative performance attributes and off-axis response of the company's home audio loudspeakers and the excellent near field response and refinement of the company's dedicated studio monitor products into a range of products that would be ideally suited to deliver optimized audiophile grade sound in the vehicle by addressing the obstacles particularly pertaining to the acoustics of car.