Confidence 3

Confidence 3


Confidence 3

The truth from above: Maybe somewhere in this world you will find a better loudspeaker. Maybe not.

Sure, we could have been content with the success of our Confidence 5, which, after barely two years, has already achieved the status of a legend ("It sounds like an angel is proving the motive force!"). But that pragmatic and energetic Danish inventing spirit ("Can we do it in a smaller enclosure, Erik?" "Yup.") still wouldn't let us rest. As a result there is now a loudspeaker which will reproduce music almost as truthfully as the best we've built (so far). But on a significantly smaller surface. And with significantly lower demands on the amplifier.

A class of its own

As great truths are wont to do, the Confidence 3 is discrete about its qualities.

We all know of much, much bigger loudspeakers 49.5 x 22.5 x 33.5 cm won't even impress a dwarf in very flat shoes - one of the reasons why the Confidence 3 has its personal dedicated stand). Or speakers with even more wallop (die-hard heavy metal fans will probably put on an aloof smile - at least until you turn the volume knob a little clockwise).

But if true musical worth is what you're after, the Confidence 3 is in a class of its own. The tweeter is a special version of our justly famous Esotar T-330 D, which combines absolute brilliance with ultimate musicality - without the least bit of hardness. (You probably knew how it looks without realising it: the most reputed speakers in the world tend to be designed around this tweeter, a laudable step in the right direction.) With its ferrofluid-damped resonance and an aluminium voice coil which is lighter than a feather, it is not only at the outer frontier of the technologically feasible. It also puts an end to all diffuseness and tonal colouration.

Not in the least because the backwards-radiated energy of the Esotar (a democratic 50%), thanks to damping measures calculated by our famously reliable Danish engineers on high speed computers, is almost completely absorbed.

Which makes the Confidence 3 one of the few speakers that do not distract you with their own echo.


Confidence 3


  • Status Discontinued
  • Segment Home
  • Range Confidence
  • Type Bookshelf
  • Sensitivity (dB @ 2.83V/1m) 86
  • IEC Power Handling (Watt) 200
  • Rated Impedance (Ohm) 4
  • Lower Cutoff (Hz @ +/- 3 dB) 38
  • Upper Cutoff (kHz @ +/- 3 dB) 28
  • Box Principle Bass reflex rear ported
  • Crossover 2-way
  • Tweeter 28 mm Esotar T330

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    • Type:
    • Sensitivity (dB @ 2.83V/1m):
    • IEC Power Handling (Watt):
    • Rated Impedance (Ohm):
    • Lower Cutoff (Hz @ +/- 3 dB):
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    • Box Principle:
    • Crossover:
    • Tweeter:
    • Confidence 5
    • Discontinued
    • Home
    • Confidence
    • Floorstand
    • 83
    • 250
    • 4
    • 47
    • 21
    • Compound
    • 3-way
    • 28 mm Esotar T330
    • Confidence 3
    • Discontinued
    • Home
    • Confidence
    • Bookshelf
    • 86
    • 200
    • 4
    • 38
    • 28
    • Bass reflex rear ported
    • 2-way
    • 28 mm Esotar T330

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