Friends set out to create a sound that evoked inspiring stories in the mind of the listener. They chased the perfect sound, but is such a thing even possible? They say that the hunt is still on.



In 2006, three childhood friends formed the synthesizer rock band, Turboweekend. The three friends had played music together since their first band in the eighth grade and in these formative years they tried out many different constellations in the pursuit of a setup that could possible create the perfect sound. 

“There’s always the search for the perfect sound”. “The perfect sound for me isn’t yet made, and I don’t believe in the concept of perfection, but I strive for it anyway”

To that end, the band’s first radio hit, ‘Into You’, was recorded in early 2006. The newly formed band quickly gained traction in the Hipster environments of Copenhagen, and their newfound underground recognition resulted in them being booked for the widely known, international festival, Roskilde Festival.




With their initial success still fresh, the band went back to the studio and started recording their album, ‘Ghost of a Chance’ in 2008. The lead single, Trouble Is, became an instant hit in numerous countries, and became even bigger when its remix by Dutch DJ Tiësto; a remix that was released worldwide in 2010. Together, the single and album were the final push needed for Turboweekend to breakthrough on the mainstream music stage. But the success also meant that the band grew from its original three to four, as they promoted their keyboard player to a full-time member. Nevertheless, the goal remained the same:

“The feeling of creating a response, creating a reaction, creating a setting, environment for a story is definitely what drives us to do what we do”.

Today, the quarter has now released four studio albums and two EPs, yet there's more to come. Their chase for the perfect sound is still on: 

“I am quite convinced that we haven’t written our best song yet or made our most inspiring sound”

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