The new R&D Center

In December 2015, we revealed our plans to build a new 1,600 square meter (17,200 square feet) large research and development facility in Skanderborg, Denmark. A year later, we have opened our new facility. Below you can see images and videos from the grand opening.




The new research and development center is equipped with all of the facilities needed to produce the loudspeaker of tomorrow. But, one thing in particular, will help our engineers create better and better loudspeakers: our new 13 x 13 x 13m measurement room called Jupiter.

Jupiter is a Free Field Impulse Measurement Room - and its size determines how long we can capture an impulse. The test subject is raised into the middle of the room using a special crane and in this position it is measured by 31 microphones.



The facility has three-stories with workspaces, team rooms, new listening rooms, and a new garage for tuning cars.







On the opening day, we went live on Facebook talking to some of the engineers who will be using the new center in the coming years about the opportunities they foresee - and what they are most excited about. 


I think this new facility opens up new opportunities for developing our brand and products

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder