Meet a dedicated Dynaudio user

We love to talk shop: to talk about music and monitors, and we were able to do exactly that at this year’s NAMM Show. We met many dedicated Dynaudio users and fans at our booth and talked with real people who use our monitors every day.


One of them was Søren Andersen, who had travelled all the way from cold, and winter-stricken Denmark to the sunshine of Anaheim and excitement of The NAMM Show. In Denmark, Søren is the co-owner of the Medley Studios in Copenhagen and has produced records for Danish acts such as Mike Tramp, Artillery, and Thorbjørn Risager. However, Søren is not only a talented producer and mixer, he also knows his way around a guitar, and has played numerous live performances touring with artists such as Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza, and Tommy Aldridge.






Recommended by a Friend

Where does your Dynaudio passion come from?

"Dynaudio is an old love of mine. My first professional monitor was an old pair of passive Dynaudio speakers, so my for them goes some years back. One of my friends who produce a lot of Metal, the same as me, recommended I bought the M1 – you know the flat one. But, I never really got the feel for it; it and I just didn’t get along. I was told that if I didn’t like the M1, it was because I needed something bigger and I was recommended to try the AIR series. So, I gave Ole Jensen a call and we arranged for me to get the AIR 6 and AIR 15. The first time I heard them: sold! It was a done deal."

What makes the AIR series special to you?

"It’s linear. And, it tells the truth. It’s like cutting sushi with the finest chef’s knife: so accurate. S’s stand out so clearly making it simple to mix. And it has an incredible bottom. All the things I’ve always wanted to do with a small speaker but couldn’t, I can do that on the AIR."

Where do you use them?

"At Medley Studios, we have them in Studio 1 and Studio 2: the M1 is in studio 1, the AIR series is in studio 2, and I keep my first, and now old, first Dynaudio in storage."

Produces and Mixes

What type of music do you make? 

"I mostly produce and mix Hard Rock, Metal, and Blues. I’ve worked with many people over the years, but recently with Mike Tramp, Artillery, and a guy called Thorbjørn Risager, who just won an award in Germany for the record we produced in Medley Studios."

What kind of music do you play personally? 

"Personally, I play guitar and I have played a lot of music with Mike Tramp in the past. Now I typically play with Joe Lynn Turner from Rainbow, Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple, and Marco Mendoza – and my own band Electric Guitars of course!"


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