Looking back at Dynaudio's (sort of...) first NAMM

​The NAMM Show 2016. What a show! Attendance record last year, even bigger this time. New record for the number of exhibitors - 1.700 of them! But best of all? We were there with our own booth!


Dynaudio Professional's own booth at NAMM

For the first time ever, we had our very own booth at The NAMM Show. In the past, our products had been part of TC|GROUP’s trade fair set-up, but as we have taken over the distribution of our professional products, it was only appropriate and about time we had our own booth.



However, being represented at The NAMM Show is more than just being there, as Ole Jensen, VP of Sales – Professional Audio said:  




"Having our own booth at NAMM ensured that we could have full focus on all of our products. It allowed us to showcase each and every product thoroughly. But it was also an opportunity to meet our users and talk about their experiences with the products."

How did people react our booth? 

"Everyone seemed delighted to see us on our own feet. So, we had many positive reactions from people. They came by to talk about their experiences and most people left with a thumbs up and "love your products". 

Did our presence lead to anything concrete?

"Yeah, we had the chance to meet with many distributors and dealer - existing and potential - who we are excited to follow up on now that we're home." 



Hoping to reconnect

Meeting people and getting the chance to speak with users was a common theme for our representatives and Sebastian Rodens, Product Manager – Professional audio, elaborated when we spoke with him:

“Well, we wanted to connect with people: our customers, distributors, partners, and end-users. We have a lot of dedicated Dynaudio fans in the L.A. area, and we hoped to reconnect with them and have a conversation about our brand and where we are going." 

Did the show meet your expectations?

"Yes, it did. It was a great show, and it's always fun to be part of, as the whole industry gets together."

What was the best experience for you personally?

"Just the fact that so many Dynaudio fans came to the booth to learn about our plans for the future. And everybody was happy when we were able to tell them about our future plans. It's always a cool thing being able to satisfy people! 

What was the most concrete takeaway from NAMM in your opinion?

"Being able to meet with the L.A. post production scene. Those connections are going to be very helpful in our product development moving forward. Getting reliable feedback is tremendously important for us.

"Recommended by a friend"

We had many chances for reconnecting and exchanging experiences with our users. One of them had traveled all the way from the cold, and winter-stricken Denmark to the warm, and sunny Anaheim, and The NAMM Show.

Søren Andersen, who is a producer, mixer, guitarist, and Dynaudio user came by our booth to talk about his experiences with his many different Dynaudio products: 

“Dynaudio is an old love of mine. My first professional monitor was an old pair of passive Dynaudio speakers, so my love for them goes some years back. One of my friends, he produces a lot of Metal, the same as me, and he recommended I bought the M1 – you know the flat one. But, I never really got the feel for it; we just didn’t get along. I was told that if I didn’t like the M1, it was because I needed something bigger and I was recommended to try the AIR series. So, I gave Ole Jensen a call, and we arranged for me to get the AIR 6 and AIR 15. The first time I heard them: sold. It was a done deal,” said Søren Andersen. 


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