Meet Otto

Meet Otto. He is one of our dedicated Customer Care Managers (today, circa 2019, Otto is a product manager here at Dynaudio, responsible for our home products). You will probably talk to him if you post a question to our support site. And, when we get technical questions on our social media accounts, he is the one we turn to. Oh, and he was our very first expert in our Ask the Expert series.


Been around the block...

Otto has been in the game for a long time now – more than 15 years in fact. He has worked retail, he has had his own business, and now he is at Dynaudio – some would say he saved the best for last… 

In his time as an independent business owner, Otto installed and calibrated more home theater setups than anyone else in Denmark: making him a leading expert on the subject and a perfect fit for Dynaudio. 

Here at Dynaudio, Otto manages to use his expertise in many different ways. As one of our Customer Care Managers, he is on the frontline helping out our users with any question they might have; making sure they get the best experience out of their Dynaudio speakers.

On our social media platforms, he answers technical questions and is an active and helpful part of the loudspeaker debate; striving to provide valuable insights. When we develop new products, Otto makes sure our research and development department take the customer feedback he provides into consideration and used when appropriate.

From time to time, Otto will pop up on our Facebook channel for a round of Ask the Expert. This is your chance to ask Otto any given question you might have about the chosen topic. The next session is 23 March 2016, and we will release a video with his answers 1 April 2016 on our Dynaudio Facebook page

UPDATE 1/4-2016

You can watch the entire episode of Ask the Expert with Otto Jørgensen here



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