What's my vintage Dynaudio speaker worth?

You asked, we answered. On this episode of Ask The Expert we're discussing a "do-it-yourself" Dynaudio speaker kit from 1999 – the Dynaudio Finale!


In this episode of Ask The Expert we'll be discussing a Dynaudio kit speaker of yesteryear.

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How much are my 1999 Dynaudio Finales worth? They've been refoamed once.

This is a very interesting question about an interesting speaker. Finale is a kit – or DIY speaker – that we made back in the 90s that you would buy and then assemble yourself. We sold it as a self-assembly kit – complete with drivers and crossover – allowing you to assemble your own speaker.

Finale is a very big speaker. It's a four-way speaker with a 12 inch woofer and a 12 inch radiator, so two 12-inch cones on the front, also making it a very tall speaker, and indeed a very interesting speaker.

Most of our older speakers are still very useful, since they don't degrade much over time. However, on the particular speaker in question, the woofers have been refoamed: on older woofers this foam would degrade over time, meaning that it would eventually need to be replaced. On newer woofers we use a rubber surround, which does not degrade in the same way.

Interestingly, we still have replacement drivers for Finale speakers, which use five different driver types. However, we can still supply replacement drivers for any of these five, in the event that one of them gets damaged.

Regarding the value of such a pair of speakers, they are still certainly worth something. Whilst we can't give a monetary value in euros or dollars, Finale is definitely still a very useful and very interesting speaker.


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