Evoke vs Emit – what's the difference?

Two different loudspeaker series: some similarities, some differences. We lay it all out for you in this episode of Ask The Expert.


In this episode of Ask The Expert Otto explains some of the differences between the Evoke and Emit series. Hint: there may be fewer than you'd expect!

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What are the differences between the Evoke and Emit series?

It's a good question because in many ways they are similar series. The Emit series is our entry-level speaker series, where you get all the Dynaudio quality – all of our DNA in terms of driver technology is put into the Emit series and it's a really high-quality series with high-quality drivers.

When you step up to the Evoke series you get very similar tweeters, but you get better woofers with better performance. You have better cabinets and nicer looking finishes with high gloss black and white finishes. You have real wood veneer finishes and improvements in crossover technologies etc. So, a step up across the board in terms of performance and looks.

The cabinet for the Emit series is rectangular. In the Evoke series we have slanted cabinets with rounded edges. So nice looking and sturdier cabinets that improve the sound (on the Evoke series).


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