“These speakers will blow you away"

9 out of 10. And, a 'Trusted Reviews Recommended' badge. That's the result of Trusted Reviews test of the wireless Xeo 6 floor standers.

Trusted Reviews have auditioned the wireless Xeo 6 floor standers and they were pretty impressed with what they heard: 

"Fed into the Hub from a laptop via USB, "Unstoppable" by Lianne La Havas lives up to its title through these powerhouse speakers. The booming kick drum thumps tightly and purposefully, while string and choral arrangements swoop around the Xeo’s spacious stage, reaching the epic proportions for which its producers were clearly striving." 

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Emphasizing that the Xeo 6s are “Remarkably powerful, detailed and cohesive, these speakers will blow you away". 

Finally, Trusted Reviews write about the convenience of the proprietary wireless technology that lets you cut the cables and remove the clutter at home:

"Xeo 6 is a wireless floor standing speaker system that aims to deliver audiophile sound quality while keeping clutter to a minimum. Connect your sources to the Xeo Hub and it transmits sound signals to the active speakers using proprietary wireless technology, giving you a clean, stylish setup with no need for external amplifiers or meters of messy cable."

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