Sub series

Listen to an orchestra at full throttle and it’s really loud. It’s pure, and musical, and dynamic, and lifting. And there’s also a lot of bass. The same goes for live gigs. Or a high-budget film in a good cinema.

If you want to give your films and music that little bit extra, a Dynaudio subwoofer is the way.

From the compact, punchy Sub 3 to the mighty Sub 6, both models offer the flexibility to suit any loudspeaker set-up – and, above all, deliver extremely high performance.

The Sub 6 is ideal for ambitious home cinemas and high-end hi-fi systems where deep bass and true Dynaudio sound quality is desired. With two brand-new 24cm MSP+ Hybrid Drive woofers and a 500 watt amplifier, the Sub 6 impresses with an amazingly fast and powerful bass performance.

The compact Sub 3 is the smallest high-performance subwoofer from Dynaudio. Equipped with a 300 Watt amplifier and a 24cm driver, it delivers precise and dynamic bass, while its compact enclosure makes room placement incredibly easy.




Dynaudio MSP woofers


Extra rigid woofer baskets


Powerful amplifiers


Closed-box cabinet design


Perfectly complements Dynaudio speakers


Available in various finishes


  • Status:
  • Segment:
  • Range:
  • Type:
  • Analog inputs:
  • Analog outputs:
  • Amplifier Power (Watt):
  • AC Power Input:
  • Auto on/off:
  • Max Stand-by Power Consumption (Watt):
  • Max Power Consumption (Watt):
  • Lower Cutoff (Hz @85 dB +/- 3 dB):
  • Sub 6
  • Current
  • Home
  • Subwoofers
  • Subwoofer
  • 2x balanced XLR, 2x unbalanced RCA phono
  • 2x balanced XLR, 2x unbalanced RCA phono
  • 500W
  • 100-120 V/200-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Yes
  • 0,5
  • 490
  • 16
  • Sub 3
  • Current
  • Home
  • Subwoofers
  • Subwoofer
  • 1x RCA LFE, 2x RCA stereo
  • 1x RCA Slave out, 2x RCA SAT out
  • 300W
  • 100-120 V/200-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Yes
  • 0,5
  • 350
  • 22


Sub 3: Clean as a whistle

Australian Hi-Fi put the small Dynaudio Sub 3 to the test; finding out that a small subwoofer can deliver ultra-fast, clean as a whistle sound reproduction. You can find our favourite quotes from the review below.

Australian Hi-Fi

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