BBC Chooses AIR and BM Monitors by Ear

After a comprehensive selection procedure, the AIR 6, AIR 20, and BM5 reference monitors from Dynaudio Professional were chosen as the new standard monitors for BBC Radio & Music.


Dynaudio Professional's worldwide distributor and HHB Communications Ltd worked closely together during the initial and final stages of BBC Radio & Music's tender on studio monitors for their production facilities at the Broadcasting House in central London. The comprehensive selection procedure was carried out under EU procurement guidelines, where interested companies were invited to tender 3 different monitor sizes. Every single monitor and company was evaluated separately, and 10 different brands were selected for the final evaluation, where several different usability tests were conducted.

The speakers had to pass through technical evaluations, extensive blind listening tests, and factory inspections.

Martin O'Donnell, Broadcast Sales Manager at HHB Communications Ltd says: "As BBC Radio & Music moved to replace their existing monitors, we took a close look at their acoustic requirements and technical specifications. We presented loudspeaker combinations from a number of different manufacturers and following the evaluations our Dynaudio Professional proposal was chosen to meet the tough BBC requirements."

Accompanying familiar tonal characteristics across the range, the AIR Series utilises the latest digital technology and offers a wide range of facilities including networking, extensive parameter & bass management control and multi-channel operation. The AIR monitors stood the test and will now be in charge of delivering their characteristic crisp and transparent sound for the UK's leading broadcaster, the BBC.

This significant installation took place back in 2004 and to this day, the BBC is still relying on their Dynaudio monitors.




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