Dynaudio announces new research and development center

Skanderborg, Denmark will become the new home for a three-story, 17200 square foot R&D center, where Dynaudio will develop the future reproduction of sound.


The new house of innovation will include some of the most advanced measuring facilities in Europe and will be built next to Dynaudio’s headquarters in Skanderborg, Denmark. Construction is set to begin in January 2016. The new modern building is expected to open its doors in December the same year.

“Dynaudio is following the strategy we have agreed with our owners, Goertek. In 2015, we have tripled the number of employees in our research and development department and strengthened the organization on a number of key areas, which means our foundation for growth is in place. Expanding our physical space was naturally the next step in our journey and we have put our money where our mouth is with the new R&D center, as it offers the optimal working conditions for our research and development department. They need space and a creative atmosphere to create the future reproduction of sound. This will secure that we always have top technologies” says Lars Prisak, CEO. 

The new R&D center is designed and engineered in collaboration with the local architecture firm, Frost Larsen A/S, and engineering firm, Niras A/S respectively. Alectia A/S is the responsible advisor for the project while Raunstrup A/S is the main contractor for the construction. 

“The project planning phase has been a collaboration between the architect, engineer, advisor and our internal project team. The cooperation has been very satisfactory and we are extremely excited to start up construction. Our current facilities have been pushed to the limit due to our increase in employees: something that has been especially evident at our parking facilities. We are therefore delighted with the goodwill Skanderborg municipality has shown in connection with our expansion and its responsiveness to altering the surrounding infrastructure, which is essential for coping with an increasing number of people at our offices in Skanderborg. As a Danish company, we have our roots deeply anchored in our local community. Moving into the future, it is, therefore, essential for Dynaudio to secure our development, production, and support functions are kept in one single location. This offers us the best working conditions and establishes the foundation for growth we are aiming for over the coming years,” Lars Prisak continues.