Dynaudio Professional is at this year's Musikmesse in Frankfurt

In just a few days, we will open our stand to hundreds of musicians, producers, artists, and other like-minded guests at this year's Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany.



At our stand, you will be able to meet Sebastian Rodens, our Product Manager for our Professional line of products, and our two Product Specialists, Jan Kretschmer and Ashley Shepherd.

Sebastian comments: "We are bringing a booth setup unlike any other you have ever seen from Dynaudio. But don't just swing by for the booth, we are bringing our products and a lot of talented people who can explain all about them with the full focus they deserve. I know that we all are very excited to show this new setup to all of our guests. And who knows, we might have a trick or two up our sleeve.” 

This "booth setup unlike any other you have ever seen from Dynaudio" features, among other, a full-time DJ mixing music live. And he uses something special: sounds we record from all around Musikmesse's different halls - so make sure to check out his work when you come by our stand. 

Throughout Musikmesse, we will share daily updates, interviews, images, and much more right on Dynaudio Academy, and all of our social media profiles: 

But we do hope to see you in person at this year's Musikmesse.