The Xeo 2: our smallest active loudspeaker

At this year’s CES, our Xeo 2 loudspeakers were awarded Best of CES 2016 by SoundStage! Hi-Fi writer, Doug Schneider: an honor only shared with five other products!


The Xeo 2 was praised for its looks and convenience - and its true high-end sound, as Doug Schneider wrote: 

“Dynaudio touts the Xeo 2’s simplicity of operation -- but it’s also proud of the speaker’s looks and sound. The Xeo 2 has much more modern and attractive styling than the Xeo 4 or 6, which alone should attract more buyers. One really nice touch is the set of touch-sensitive controls inset in the top panel, which makes for a very clean appearance. The display pair had remarkably deep, full bass; a midrange presence that made voices pop magically into the room; and exceptional clarity throughout the audioband. Yes, it’s convenient and looks good -- but the Xeo 2 also has true high-end sound."

When introduced in November 2015, the Xeo 2 became the smallest, active loudspeaker we have released to date. In this compact, wireless design, we have built in a state-of-the-art DSP, sophisticated algorithms, and an optimized phase linear FIR filter in our pursuit of a true, compact high-fidelity speaker. Many of these technologies have been highlighted for their impact on the Xeo 2’s remarkably deep and full bass, as also emphasized in the reasoning for the award.

We have built the Xeo 2 to come with a variety of different inputs, a wireless Bluetooth option, and when used with the Dynaudio Connect box for; high-resolution streaming or a multiroom system: Doug Schneider elaborates: 

Read the full review: Xeo 2 - Best of CES 2016 by Doug Schneider

“Each pair of Xeo 2s comprises a master and a slave speaker. On the rear panel of the master unit is a pair of analog inputs (RCA), an optical digital input that can accept hi-rez digital files, and a power-cord inlet. When connected to a source component, it transmits the music signal wirelessly to the slave unit, which need only be plugged into a wall socket.

“The Xeo 2 sells for $1599/pair in basic black or white (many other colors will be available), but provides more functionality than the other two Xeos: it features Bluetooth connectivity, and doesn’t need the Xeo Hub or Dynaudio Connect boxes to work (though you’ll need those devices for the Xeo 2 to work in a multiroom system),” He concludes. 

The Xeo 2 had its official trade fair debut at CES, and to do so properly, we brought the Xeo in a variety of eye-catching concept colors and front baffles: making the Xeo 2 stand out from the crowd.

Learn more: Our wireless Xeo series

CES is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade fairs, and it is held in Las Vegas, Nevada each year in January. Manufacturers, journalists, and consumers from all over the world flock together to showcase their products for the entire industry attracting more than 3.800 exhibitors with some 20.000 new products in 2016.

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