Perfect keyboard mix. The first time.

When you have recorded your performance, you probably pay as much attention to balancing the tracks in your mix just perfectly, as you did when actually capturing them. Why? Because mixing your music has a huge impact on how the final result is perceived by your audience.


Our LYD 5, LYD 7 and LYD 8 studio monitors, available in white or black, redefine personal reference monitoring, delivering a true and highly accurate image of your creative efforts. But maybe even more importantly we know that the physical nature of your creative space affects your mix decisions significantly.

Yes, we have you covered with regard to bass traps in corners, close walls, a wide sweetspot and EQ filters, but we also understand that you may well be challenged by something much more crucial – not having a completely isolated environment.



Therefore, you could be forced to mix at very low volumes or using headphones from time to time. In both cases, this is traditionally bound to affect your late night mixes in an unfortunate way that often causes you redo the mix the next day when you get a chance to listen a normal listening levels. Sounds familiar? 

LYD is designed to let you create great mixes the first time regardless of the listening conditions. Even at very low volumes, they remain accurate and you will find that your music sounds just as great at a high volume. Typically, you would tend to increase the low frequencies of your mix when you are forced to work at low levels. Sure, you love the deep rumble of an analog pad sound coming from your Korg PolySix, Roland Juno 106 or classic Moog, but even that can become uncomfortably present if you have pushed the lows in the mix based on a non-ideal audio reproduction of your overall mix.

In short, spending less time on redoing previous mixes allows you to spend more time and focus on recording, composing, playing and just be creative. And at the end of the day, isn’t that all that really matters?

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